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Product information:

D-ribose is a five-carbon sugar, molecular weight 150.13, soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, the product as a white crystalline powder.

D-ribose is an important part of the genetic material of life ribose acid metabolism of life is the most fundamental parameter sources in nucleoside substances, protein, fat metabolism is at the hub, has important physiological functions.

Product use:

D-ribose in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and beverage industry and other fields widely used.

D-ribose can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates for the synthesis of essential drugs to treat viral, cancer, AIDS and the like.

D-ribose as a starting material, can be used for the production of vitamin B2.

D-ribose in cells of the organism and the formation and regeneration of ATP AMP is related to the metabolism of life is the basic source of energy, play a key role in heart and skeletal muscle metabolism, can promote tissue ischemia, local hypoxia recovery organization.

D-ribose can be used for the treatment of exercise-induced muscle soreness, stiffness adenosine deaminase defect caused by the machine and the lack of pain caused by intracellular phosphorylase;

D-ribose effect on diabetes.

D-ribose as a new sports nutrition health products have great market prospects.

Product advantages:

D-ribose by fermentation production technology is mature and stable, high conversion rate of fermentation, the extraction yield of 85%, 99.5% purity, green products, natural and safe.

Packing: 1-25kg foil bags or cardboard

Payment: T/T or L/C

Point of origin: Qingdao

Minimum order quantity: 1 kg

Production capacity: 30 tons/month

Delivery period: 7 days

Product Name
Cas No.
≥ 99.5%