Itaconic Acid

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Itaconic Acid

Product name:

Itaconic acid

Product information:

Itaconic acid, succinic acid scientific name is methylene, methylene succinic acid is an unsaturated dicarboxylic acids. Active chemical properties, the polymerization can be carried out between themselves, but also can be polymerized with other units such as acrylonitrile, soluble in water, ethanol and other solvents; conduct various kinds of addition reactions, esterification and polymerization reaction is an important chemical production raw material.

Product use:

Itaconic acid and acrylic acid is a polymer chelating agents, detergents for water treatment, to prevent basic calcium, magnesium scale formation is particularly effective;

Itaconic acid as a raw material made of high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic can be used instead of steel for the manufacture of aircraft, automobiles, ships housing;

Itaconic acid and aromatic diamine produced pyrrolidone derivative is a senior thickeners lubricants, and other amines open into pyrrolidone derivatives are useful as detergents, pharmaceuticals and herbicides;

Versatile sizing agent itaconic acid in the paper, carpet adhesives, modified acrylic latex and so on.

Product advantages:

Produced by fermentation of itaconic acid maturity, engineering experience.

Packing: 1-25kg foil bags or cardboard

Payment: T/T or L/C

Point of origin: Qingdao

Minimum order quantity: 1 kg

Production capacity: 300 tons/month

Delivery period: 7 days

Product Name
Itaconic Acid
Cas No.
≥ 99.8%