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Product information:

Curdlan also known as curdlan with gel-forming properties under heating conditions, also called thermal gel, an alkali Bacillus fermentation of a non- branch are - dextran. By the glucose residues 300-500, and the average degree of polymerization of 450, of the formula:is FDA approved for direct food additive in food microbial fermentation production of more bran.

Product use:

Curdlan has a strong thermal stability, gel melting point up to 140  or more, this unique gel properties of curdlan, it has a more unique use in the food industry, it can be used a variety of foods such as jelly, noodles, sausages, burgers, microwave food. As a food additive can significantly improve product quality, improve product water holding capacity and viscoelasticity, stability, and thickening effect, so that the products taste better. Can absorb about 100 % of the water, just add a small amount of curdlan they can achieve the desired effect, the addition amount thereof is generally less than 1%.

Curdlan another feature used in the food industry is able to maintain its stability under freezing and thawing conditions, gel strength change little, it could be utilized in freezing foods. Further, since the curdlan does not easily digested by the body enzymatic degradation, as a new low- calorie food quality raw materials, such as diet food.

Product advantages:

Produced by fermentation curdlan, mature and stable technology, fermentation conversion rate, green products, natural and safe.

Packing : 1-25kg foil bags or cardboard

Payment: T/T or L/C

Point of origin: Qingdao

Minimum order quantity: 1 kg

Production capacity: 200 tons/month

Delivery period: 7 days

Product Name
Cas No.
≥ 99.0%